About us

World Premix is the independent knowledge partner for the supply of premixes, concentrates, and special feeds for pig farming. We also provide tailored coaching. Our customers are pig farmers, integrations, feed manufacturers, and distributors established across the globe. We focus on:


Continuous improvement of reproduction results in sows with minimal seasonal influences.


High growth in piglets and finishers is proof that animals are healthy and performing.

Healthy gut

Raising healthy pigs with healthy guts eliminates the need for antibiotics.

Feed costs

Getting the most out of your feed ration to enable efficient pig production with low feed costs.

Feed quality

Continuous monitoring of the raw materials ensures you have control over feed quality.

Pig farms, integrations, feed manufacturers, and distributors
World Premix supplies its products and services to pig farms, integrations, feed manufacturers, and distributors. Combining business coaching with products and tailored advice helps farmers achieve the best possible results. Our frequent farm visits ensure an optimized feed composition and an optimized business approach for you as a farm owner.

Three generations of Van der Steijn

World Premix has a long, rich history in pig farming. Just before the Second World War in 1938, Cor van der Steijn founded his own pig feed business. His son, Henk van der Steijn, took over ownership of the company from his father in 1975. Since then, the company has been called Steijn Voeders. Pioneering a model that combines the role of feed supplier and business coach, Steijn Voeders has acquired a unique market position in the Netherlands and elsewhere in north-west Europe.

An established name in pig farming
Operating with a team of professionals from a small office in Deurne, Steijn Voeders grew into an established name in pig farming. The company's ability to ensure the maximum yield from pig farming has brought top-performing pig farmers to Steijn Voeders. Customers report excellent milk production with their sows, with many piglets reared per sow, and smooth development from piglet to pig for slaughter.


Acquisition by ForFarmers
For many years now, the Van der Steijn family has seen first-hand the benefits of their products and knowledge at their own large-scale sow farm in the Netherlands. They wean more than 34 piglets per sow each year. The takeover of Steijn Voeders by ForFarmers in 2016 proves that the company's modern vision of pig feed is a success. Since then, Europe's largest feed manufacturer has been the owner of Steijn Voeders.

World Premix
Henk van der Steijn's philosophy inspired the founding of World Premix. An international company, World Premix is seen as an independent knowledge partner in pig feed, supplying premixes, concentrates, special feeds, and knowledge. Our team of specialists has followed years of training and possesses unique expertise. We visit each customer to obtain a good impression of the farm.

Maximum return and yield
By ensuring constant feed quality and tailored advice, World Premix helps its customers achieve noticeably higher technical and financial results. Henk's son, Paul, is the Head of Nutrition at World Premix. Joining forces with his colleagues, he enables you to get the most out of your pigs. This dedication has kept Cor's vision alive for three generations!

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