Business coaching

We believe in the value of combining our products with appropriate business coaching – it's really the only way to get the best out of your pigs. Our business coaching follows the same roadmap for all customers and is based on a number of core values.

We truly value our independence, as it helps us to constantly focus on our customers’ interests.

We have over 80 years of experience in pig feed and are the founder of the successful company Steijn Voeders. In 2016, this company was acquired by Europe's largest supplier of compound feed.

Focus on farmers
Our advice is always focused on what we see during our visits to real farms. These enable us to provide the best possible advice in terms of feed composition, feeding schedules, and farm management.

No-nonsense approach
We communicate directly with the people who make the decisions for our customers. This is the key to achieving the changes our customers want.

We like to tackle and solve any problems straight away. This mentality means we naturally assume our responsibility as the independent knowledge partner in pig feed.

Our approach

If a pig farm, integration, feed manufacturer, or distributor is interested in one of our products, we follow a fixed roadmap to ensure we and our customers achieve success together.

1. Taking stock
We visit pig farms to gain important insights into:

  • Condition of sows
  • Feeding schedules
  • Animal care
  • Farm management
  • Pig health
  • Results analysis

2. Plan of action
As part of the next step, we design a plan of action specifically for farmers and their employees.

  • Feeding schedules for each animal category and each phase of life
  • Advice regarding management optimization
  • Discussions regarding ration composition
  • Feed and management advice

3. Coaching
We provide business management coaching for our customers. Ensuring the right combination of feed and management will help you achieve maximum result.

  • We offer practical coaching for managers and employees at our modern production locations for sows and finishers in the Netherlands.
  • As part of the coaching, we take ample time to teach you or your employees everything about each specific part of the business process.
  • The main goal of our coaching is to transfer all knowledge in a practical way, so that your employees will be able to apply the information in their daily activities.
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