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World Premix's new website

5 September 2018

The new website is live! In recent months, we have been working on a design and content that are right for World Premix

The website will be an introduction for people who want to know more about World Premix. World Premix is the independent knowledge partner for the supply of premixes, concentrates, and special feeds for pig farming. We also provide tailored coaching.

Our customers are pig farmers, integrations, feed manufacturers, and distributors established across the globe. We have built up an extensive customer base over the years. Together, our customers keep around 150,000 sows and finishers worldwide.

Comprehensive solution with business coaching

The website provides information on the range of products supplied by World Premix. We supply a comprehensive range of products for all animal groups and age categories in pig farming. We are convinced that a combination of good-quality products and tailored business coaching will enable you to get the most out of your pigs.

Our coaching always follows a set roadmap. We visit each customer to obtain a good impression of the farm. Our team of specialists has followed years of training and possesses unique expertise. They are Henk van der Steijn (President), Maurice Goossens (CEO for China) and Paul van der Steijn (Head of Nutrition).

Our pig farm

In the Netherlands, we have a commercial pig farm on which we keep 1,000 sows. We earn our money by keeping pigs and wean more than 34 piglets per sow each year. Our main goal is to ensure our customers can achieve the same production results that we do. We also use our farm as a ‘demo’ farm for excursions, demonstrations, and coaching.

The piglets remain on our sow farm until they weigh 27 kilograms. Our partner then rears the piglets until they are ready for slaughter. Together, we have been achieving impressive business results for many years. And with the right nutrition and coaching, every pig farmer can achieve the same.

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