World Premix is a global supplier of premixes, concentrates, and special feeds for pig farming. We are a specialist in these products and also provide customized business coaching. We supply the perfect feed composition for every pig!

Partner in pig feed

We have built up an extensive customer base over the years and aim to maintain long-term business relationships. Together, our customers keep around 150,000 sows and finishers worldwide. Back in the Netherlands, we have a commercial pig farm on which we keep 1,000 sows. All of our products and management advice have been extensively tested and refined to respond to our customers’ needs, giving us a unique position in the market.

  • Professionals with practical experience
  • Comprehensive product range for piglets, sows, gilts, and finishers
  • Daily experience from our pig farm


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From piglet milk powder to finisher premix and from gilt to sow premixes, we offer a solution for pigs at all life stages. Using our premixes, concentrates, and special feeds, we can provide you with the optimal feed composition and help you achieve your targets in terms of technical and financial results.





Business coaching

To ensure our products deliver good results, farmers need the right business coaching. We have years of hands-on experience using our products. For many years now, we have been achieving impressive results at our commercial pig farm with minimal use of antibiotics. We use this experience to take our customers’ businesses to an even higher level.

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Vlemmix weans 35 piglets per sow


Pig farm Vlemmix from the Dutch town of Heusden weaned 35.1 piglets per sow last year. The farm's manager, Berry van Gerwen, says his sows’ high...
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Specialist contribution

‘Our sows’ excellent milk yield ensures that we can wean a lot of heavy piglets with minimal use of foster mothers.’

Paul van der Steijn
Head Nutrition
World Premix

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