World Premix brings together a team of specialists. Our people have years of experience in the field and combine this with the latest knowledge and insights about pig feeding. Operating globally, we can provide tailored services to customers in all regions of the world.

Paul van der Steijn
CEO/Head Nutrition
+ 31 6 25041008

Maurice Goossens
CEO China Sales and advice Spain,Germany
+31 6 24892314

Harm Frencken
Sales and Advice
+ 31 6 21556325

Shao Bingchu
Chief Representative (china) 首席代表
+86 188 7035 1681

Tom Reijnders
Technical advisor
+31 6 31960553

Ms Zanvia
Sales Shandong Province 山东省销售
+86 15169059930

He Shaolei

Wu Heng

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