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World Premix is pleased to announce collaboration with Gentech Feed

25 April 2019

WorldPremix is pleased to announce the partnership with Gentech Feed. Maurice Goossens: ‘We want to offer our customers the very best. Combining our state-of-the-art  technology and knowledge with Gentech’s raw materials and factories will bring just the advancement our customers need.’

Shanghai Gentech Feed Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research & development, production and marketing of high-grade piglet feed.

The top player in the Chinese market was the first company to introduce the concept of pre-starter in the industry. The company currently owns seven feed mills in China: Shanghai, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Liaoning and Sichuan.

Gentech Feed’s expert team focuses on pig nursery and healthy nutrition and has developed a series of feed, including high-grade creep feed, nursery feed, premixes, etc.  

The high-end manufacturer features in the Top 10 Creep Feed Brand. The company has committed itself to making advanced feed technology and products for both the international and Chinese market.

Gentech Feed has its professional production, sales and service system. It believes in ‘nutritional immunity, healthy production’, and strives to advance the development of pig production technology.

The company strongly believes in creating win-win partnerships. Roy Nillesen: ‘In Gentech we found a great partner. Together, we can find the answers our customers need to stay on top.’


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